FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

Every weather event must end sometime…2350.34 15751.26

Mixed feelings about this one. It’s pushing us north way ahead of schedule but it’s bordering on the iffy as far as sea state goes. 25 – 30 kts in the harbour is relatively trivial but out here, with 1000 miles or so of fetch along which the sea builds into short, vicious steep 5 – 8 metre waves with occasional bigger ones (always difficult to judge wave height from the boat) it is nasty and just a bit extreme. We have 3 reefs in the main and most of the furler in and McQ is hand steering. Kevvo get thrown off line and we’re all over the place if we leave him in charge. Next step, if it gets any worse, will be to drop the main. Trisail a possibility but may not be too easy to get at at the mo. Mistake, of course.

Just found some more chocolate. Sun already gone, moon up somewhere tho I cant see it from here. Steely blue sky going grey with long black shadows behind us as the rain squalls build. Would be – no is – magnificent and indifferent, but also threatening. We’re aiming for the west – leeward – side of the reef and Chesterfield Island. Should be up there tomorrow evening AGW.

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