FROM 2-9. Greenland-N.Atlantic-Falmouth

Falmouth - can't be! We just left...

Just been interviewed by Deborah Cameron from the ABC in Oz – dreadful interview – I think she was in a hurry to get to someone else and I was too slow to make my points. Difficult when you’re woken at midnight!

Still haven’t quite assimilated the fact that Berri is back in Falmouth. Last time we were both here was Aug 20 2005 and we were leaving for Australia. That whole stay for me was shadowed by the fact that we had first a Fastnet to get ready for then the Atlantic and the Southern Ocean again, so there was a niggling tension all the time. This time is different – just have to get the old barge bedded down for the winter and then fly out. We’ve decided that the engine is past repair so I’ve ordered a new base engine from the Kubota agent and we’ll unbolt all John Witchard’s marinising goodies from the old one and bolt them on the new one and bobsyer. I had not realised until we got here that Speedy was collecting donations – thanks everyone! and they will go towards the new donk – I think they will cover about half of it, which is a nice relief.

One of my heroes, Pete Goss, is in town and I finally got to shake his hand yesterday on his lovely new boat Spirit of the Mystery – his website is   I’m slightly jealous – his new gig looks like a great blast. I have tangible (and noicely drinkable) proof that he’s sponsored by Talisker. Thanks Pete!

The power is off in my hotel room – no coffee and, more to the point, this laptop will die soon so I’ll post this and do some more later.

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