FROM 1-6. Below 50S

Feb 28, 2005 – 1615hrs UTC

Sitrep: 1615hrs 28 Feb 2005 UTC 53’50”S 102’50”W Map Ref 87

Here’s my Brolga list. Thorry G, if you’re still reading this nonsense, could you please invite the Professor to do a brain dump for us on these and any others when/if we get some more details? A big ask, I know, but he doesn’t use a computer. And James, perhaps a letter to Afloat to see if you can flush out a few more? Perhaps Currawongers and all the others too? A project for my dotage might be to collect the full histories of all the Joubert boats we can find. A bit of Australian history while it is still collectable.

Alphabetically, boat name; owner; previous names; Tall,Short or Modified Rig; Wheel or Tiller, Straight or Doghouse coachroof:

Berrimilla -Alex W & Hilary Yerbury; Nea, Leven; T/R, T;,S (Sydney)16 S2H (Hobarts), 7 Lord Howe Caelidh – Colin & Karen Bell (Hobart) Firebird – Greg Sutton; Diamond Cutter; M/R; W; D/h (Syd) 2+ S2H Jessie – Steve Hudson; ?; T/R, W; S (Syd) Lucy – James Judd (Syd) Narama – Anstees;…..(Vancouver)(I have contact details) Poitrel – Chris Palmer;…(Hobart) Take Time – Graeme Smith; T/R; W; S (Syd) several S2H Virgo – Starlings;…..(Syd) Zoe – Peter & Jeanne Crozier (Pete); Dorothy 2, Western Wanderer; S/R; T; D/h; (Syd) 2 S2H

And someone else wrote to us a month or so ago, who has owned a Brolga for 20 years but because of the laptop crash I’ve lost the note – sorry, please get back in touch – I think the boat had a Gaelic name too, like Shilalagh.

And the one in Holland – go, Flop, and seek. You might get a sail out of it.

If any of you are sufficiently interested, please add missing details for your boat,including builder if you know and send to me (unless Chris or Colin or Jim already have something going) and we can get something started. We’ll show those S&S 34 people like Fenwick what real boats are made of. And maybe join them for a party somewhere interesting (Lord Howe??) as long as Fenwick remembers to bring some grog.

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