FROM 2-13. Equator-Cape Town

Guy Fawkes in another universe

0700/5th position 0508 02441 trip 110/24
Almost exactly half way between the corner of S. America and Ascension Island. Progress, but slow. Wet, lumpy and uncomfortable. Arse-bone complaining to the Ass.
Nocturnal visitor returned last night – not in the bird book and just possibly a land bird – brownish all over, lighter head, dark eye patches wingspan about 40 cm long thin black beak no hooked end. It departed when I had to put the second reef in and get soaked for my troubles.
It’s been said that we sem to be enjoying this one rather more than the others – probably right, no deadline, we’re going somewhere on the way, and we certainly haven’t got to the hard bit yet. I think that’s about 3 weeks away, down near Tristan and then all the way to Hobart. We’ll see – it has certainly been astonishingly easy so far and I’m sure the Examiner is polishing her whip

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