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Idiom and old boots – noon 2823.17 15546.06

I have explained to McQ that in our rich and idiomatic Australian version of Hitchiker English, the concept of a freckle just might- might – be Something Completely Different and the idea of amalgamating them could be a contortion in all sorts of ways. Or just an interesting problem for a geneticist. Ho Hum! I’m working on the crossword clue – something along the lines of ‘Transition on the green?’ (3,2,3) perhaps, although that’s just too easy. Speedy, a prize for the first correct entry?

And I’ve just re-read an article by Ian McEwan in which he shows how difficult it will be to get the world population to even agree, let alone act in any sort of cohesive way, to do anything about climate change and global warming. Followed by another by George Monbiot in the Guardian Weekly in which he has the UK government equating the lives of poor people in Africa according to a ‘shadow price of carbon’ at around $50 a tonne. Grim.

But I like McEwan’s metaphor for the problem. He chose to spend some time in an icebound ship with some other concerned people. To get dressed to go out on the ice, they had to pass through the ‘boot room’ where all the protective clothing was kept. Each person had their own storage space, but some were more careful – or just less irresponsible – than others. McEwan shows how just one irresponsible ‘borrowing’ by one person of another’s boots can lead to chaos, even amongst people who are highly intelligent, concerned and motivated. Individual actions can be enormously destructive.

So the boot room it is.

Noon position 2823.17 15546.06 DTD 5413 so distance made good 107 nm. Perhaps not the best use of diesel, but hanging on to it is not necessarily the right decision either.

The current now appears to be taking us west, so we are in the top of the loop. I hope.

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