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Idle perspectives

I bet none of you were thinking, as you chomped your breakfast muesli or sucked on your Guinness and bacon sando that today is the anniversary of Oliver Cromwell’s sacking of the Rump Parliament, in about 1653. What the hell does that have to do with the price of fish, you may well ask, but it was one of the series of decisive events that resulted, after the Interregnum, in England’s becoming a parliamentary democracy with a titular and more or less powerless monarch . Whose birthday it is tomorrow. Onya Maam.

And the day after is the day the Boot Room Rat, the Senile Old Fart, gets another number carved into his tombstone. I guess around about here in peoples’ lives, the perspective turns from looking forward to remembering the past. Maybe it’s to stave off that moment, as well as all the stuff in my cliche’d rant the other day, that I do these things. Brings the short term into sharp focus and fuzzies the longer. Noice – I like it.

We’re still pretty much stopped out here. Hot and tedious, kite and main slatting and Berri just making way. Reluctant to burn too much diesel while we’re still in the starting gate – ITCZ still to go and we may really need it. Kimbra – any idea where it may be at the mo? Gribs indicate that we ought to have breeze here but…Email me direct if it’s easier. A bit Monty Python – I’ve lost me ITCZ – anyone know where its gone?

Anyway, today’s Consultation will be dedicated to Cromwell, warts and all.

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