FROM 2-6. Tuktoyaktuk-Cambridge Bay


The Arctic people..Inuit.(Eskimos)  It is the same language,culture, people from Nome to Greenland. That's over 3000 miles Add the historic extremes to the Saint Lawrence seaway and you have 4000 miles.

In the days of Eric the Red and the new colonies on Iceland and Greenland, a culture was exploding at Barrow. Whales were abundant and the years supply of food could be put away in a month following a single whale hunt. The frozen ground provided a great freezer.The rest of the year was spent on the social and cultural development. The population exploded.
A large group split off on conquest to the east. They killed, conquered, absorbed everything in their path. There is one written record of this event. The colony on Greenland was attacked by hundreds of umiaks and kayaks. Western technology surprised the Inuit and they retreated to regroup. A ship was dispatched to Iceland for help. When help arrived, no one was left. Nothing. The Catholic archives has the account. I have never read it. Inuit spread to the Saint Lawrence seaway and stopped.

800 years later, that's all we know. One of the greatest conquests of all time. (In terms of distance).

There is a row of tent rocks on an empty island, as the land rises after the glaciers left.
The Berrimilla will not blink when she goes by.


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