FROM 1-34. Hobart-Sydney + Coming Home Party

Jan 04, 2006 - 0630hrs EDT

0630hrs 04 Jan 2006 EDT 42’26”S 148’00”E Ref 684

Now 4226 14825 04/0630 after a busy night and we’re just coming up to Cape Sonnerat at the south eastern end of Schouten Island and the Freycinet Peninsula. Ile des Phoques inshore in the bay. Good progress mostly just under the #5 but we have now set the cutdown. Wind has abated to a gentle 20 – 25 knots. Noice. Demolition in six days. Passed a brightly lit fishing boat quite close last night – so brightly lit that I could not distinguish navigation lights or signal lights. I think he was trawling and I should perhaps have given way.

Thanks to everyone who wrote while we were in Hobart – I don’t have copies of your notes on this computer so I wont even try to reply.

Hi L, J and H – hope I remembered correctly. Kevvo would have waved but now he’s in about 5 pieces outside my garage at home.

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