FROM 1-34. Hobart-Sydney + Coming Home Party

Jan 04, 2006 - 1120hrs EDT

1120hrs 04 Jan 2006 EDT 41’59”S 148’36”E Ref 685

And now at 4159 14836, 04/1120 approaching Bicheno and I’ll try to send it again. No go – don’t know why. Paul – we’ve still got a couple of Dr Bodds and I have just opened one in your honour – to help the bacon sando down.

Duncan – since the tea update, we have acquired two one-pint plastic insulated mugs with broad bases and rubber non-skid pads and lids – brilliant and they also hold a full can of Guinness but they are impossible to stow and end up sculling around anywhere they can be stuffed into a space.

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