FROM 1-34. Hobart-Sydney + Coming Home Party

Jan 04, 2006 - 2000hrs EDT

2000hrs 04 Jan 2006 EDT 41’16”S 148’40”E Ref 686

[ed: phone report from Alex]

Motor sailing along in a gentle NE off St Helens. About 2 days to Eden – and perhaps a 38’ yacht to salvage (Savcor, a Sydney 38 leased by Swedes for this years S2H was rolled in 6m seas off Eden yesterday as it returned to Sydney from Hobart.  The crew rescued by the Police launch and the boat was left adrift – Article Here).


[ed: a later email in from Alex:]

I haven’t been able to connect to Sailmail since we left Hobart and don’t know why so will continue to churn these out in case it is just a propagation glitch.

South east of St Helen’s. Motoring, light north easter, forecast to last all day tomorrow too – not good and we will try to get as far north as possible. We’ve heard that the Sydney 38 Savcor is abandoned and adrift somewhere SE of Eden – worth a look when we get up there although I would be very surprised if the Eden fishermen haven’t already salvaged it.

Sad story – there was a dead albatross in the water a few miles back with another – presumably its mate – circling around. Almost a personal bereavement.


[ed: request from Hilary and no doubt seconded by Alex]


Could you post a message for Australian readers [ed: International readers can listen online] of the log to tell them that The HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy is being broadcast on ABC RADIO National at 5.30 on week nights.

 [ed: You can listen online  just remember, it is Sydney time which is GMT + 11 currently]

The first episode was broadcast today, in which Arthur Dent was saved by Ford Prefect when Earth was demolished, Arthur is introduced to the Hitch Hikers’ Guide, with it’s cover which says “Don’t Panic” (Arthur is a contributor to the guide), and Ford and Arthur, having hitched aboard a Vogon Constructor Fleet vessel, are discovered by the Vogon commander, who reads them Vogon poetry. For those Ozzies who want to know what Alex’s references to HHGTTG are all about, this is an opportunity to find out.

Thank you,


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