FROM 1-34. Hobart-Sydney + Coming Home Party

Jan 05, 2006 - 1000hrs EDT

1000hrs 05 Jan 2006 EDT 40’09”S 149’13”E Ref 688

Hot, cloudless, glassy calm with a long rolling swell from the south – must be something happening down there but it ain’t doing it here – and we’re motoring. 36 hours to Eden – minimum unless we get some helpful wind. Last night had the dolphin slash across the sky again – haven’t seen the Milky Way that bright for ages.

 From Neil C-A

HAPPY NEW YEAR and many CONGRATULATIONS on your spectacular achievment. Sorry I’m a bit late with the felicitations but my examiner had (what I hope is) one little task for me. 29th Dec had dreadful back ache – couldn’t stand or walk very frightening Drs diagnosed it as probable the stents in my common bile duct had settled somewhat. Originally suggested I went back into hospital for one or two days for intravenous pain killers but persuaded him I would try and stick it out. Didn’t want to miss new years eve with the family. Too cut it short I was given some pretty strong painkillers to take orally and it seems to have worked. Am now getting about again and feeling am on proper mend.

Sympathise with you re cutting the lines. It happened to us in Antigua after Antigua week 1991. Some blasted Frenchman decided to slip early and cut the lot of us loose. Fortunately most crews were sleeping on board but he got clean away before anyone was aware we were drifting in a convoy accross Nelson’s Dockyard. Some people are just inconsiderate or nutters we have yet to decide which one the Frenchman fell into. Thats all I know is that if he had been apprehended he would not be so cavalier in future.

Anywat prepare well for London and let me know how you are getting along once things have settled down. I also would if poss like to be advised how the book is doing and when it will be available.

See ya all in London with a little or large portion of medicine

Neil CA – your examiner seems to be as ornery as ours. Stick with the 4 P’s and we’ll see you at the next start line – for the London Marathon 2007. I actually met one of the runners in Hobart – onya Graham. Andy R – have you bought the shoes yet??

From Trudi, Barbados

A very Happy New Year, Alex and Peter,

I want to thank you for your very entertaining log, written during your incredible trip, and I think line honours for the Hobart to Hobart Race is a wonderful idea, as well as all the other awards! I am sorry we never made radio contact, however, maybe another time. It sounds like you have other adventures up your sleeve, putting off the ultimate anti-climax?

I would like you to put me down for a copy of the upcoming book, please. I know you promised one to Martin, but I want one of my own, please, and if you need an advance, please let me know the amount!

Hi Trudi – glad you enjoyed the gig – we’ll try and get the book written by mid year-ish so in time for christmas and we’ll put you on the list. The website will stay until at least April 2007 and the London Marathon.

 From Katherine I. and Stephen

 A Happy New Year to you both and your families.
 What vicarious sailing pleasure will I have now?
 Looking forward to London 2007!

Katherine I., thanks and we’ll be in touch – a bit harried right now – hope your knee is ok and the shoes are back on. Mine aren’t – feeling the need desperately but must wait till we get back to sydney in a week or so.

 From Paul R.

Dear Doctors of Sailing,

Just back today from my Christmas hols in Phuket.

Read the logs, saw the movie…awaiting the book!

 Congratulations on the successful completion of your sailing marathon, the personal goals achieved, the capturing of keyboard sailors imaginations and an inspiration to us all. You two have proved that providing you have an adequate supply in the medicine chest there are still adventures out there to be had. No high tech rocket ships are needed just proper prior planning, wisdom, a sense of humour, and the imagination to do it. I wish I were more eloquent but……wooohooo. Well done!

 I’ll keep watching this space until you pull the plug….. and I’ll look out for an adventure of my own.

Thanks for all the fish etc,

Paul – thanks – that sort of feedback was what kept us going – don’t stop! Visited any nice mud holes recently? With or without Dr Bod and and the relevant small writing and photocopy? Long live the Vogon poets – noice baseline for awful comparisons.

Caro – how was the frigid dog? And frozen chocolate? I expect to be in London end Feb-ish and may do a talk at RORC.

Amanda – if you are still on the air – please give me some dates end feb early march and I’ll be in touch. Ta. HNY to all y’all at RORC.

CG – have run the idea past the sailing club and they like it – will think it through some more and write to you. Happy New Year. I have the cup still beside me – will mount it later.

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