FROM 1-34. Hobart-Sydney + Coming Home Party

Jan 08, 2006 – 2045hrs EDT

2045hrs 08 Jan 2006 EDT 34’05”S 151’17”E Ref 694

We’ve been motoring most of the way from Eden and we’re still motoring – into a couple of knots of current and a gentle north easter. It just might allow us to complete the journey in style with the big purple and gold kite ghosting up the harbour asSydneysleeps it’s way into Monday and another day in the office. Hope so – would not be fitting to motor all the way.

Two seals basking together in a big clump of seaweed – flippers raised, lolling back until they heard us coming and rolled over and dived, coming back up behind us to have a squizz at these noisy humans disturbing their peace. And a couple of acres of dolphins leaping and splashing across our path. People abseiling on the cliffs of the National Park. Big haloed half moon behind some cirrus and aircraft taking off and landing over Botany Bay with their strobe lights playing amongst the stars. A brightly lit ship on the eastern horizon. We seem to be almost home. No feeling to it yet – somehow motoring just doesn’t grab the viscerals.

Caro – thanks for that very interesting bottle and glad the dog behaved. Yellow snow indeed. Next the Iditarod.

The rustling of Vogon crib sheets is deafening. 42184 metres down, one to go. Boxing Day, 2005 to January 9th 2006 – more than 30000 miles, 260 odd sailing days, three races, some silver thingies, one tiny one and very special, an amazing track on the website, a real spaceman, rolling warehouses in the southern ocean, all dreamed up in serious Consultation in the bus shelter in the studio. It never really happened at all, and the stack of cans just grew and grew. Where will the dogs go to pee next week? And the pigeons?

More in about three hours as we get to South Head. The Examiner has relented – the wind has backed a little and we’re sailing. Noice – just south of Bondi which is lit up like a cruise ship on steroids. About an hour to South Head

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