FROM 1-34. Hobart-Sydney + Coming Home Party

Jan 10, 2006 - 0730hrs EDT │ Sydney

0730hrs 10 Jan 2006 EDT Sydney

Demolition day and the coming home party.

I can hear the roar of the bulldozers starting up even over the dreadful drone of a phalanx of Vogons scratching and farting and interrupting each other as they read their poems.

We’ll have to find somewhere else to stack the empties.

Berrimilla is back on her mooring looking serenely scruffy – and just a bit smug. She knows she done good. Eerie feeling putting her there – I remember vividly moving her to CYC before the 2004 S2H (thanks for the correction  Ian and yes, you’re on the list of marathon runners – onya mate) and wondering – trepidating actually – about what the next year had in store. And now I know but I can only remember it in little snatches, mostly to do with looking out of one of Berri’s windows and watching the water going past. But there are the logs to read – I’ll have to start on them myself soon! Had a ‘well done’ phone call from theFalklandsin the middle of the night – noice – don’t mind being woken up for one of those!

I’ll take Berri up to RPA this week and roll on some antifoul and a bit of polish and then it’s into writing articles and the Book. Watch this space.

Dianne – sorry I didn’t answer, and yes, we were tethered to the boat – some of the time!

Looks as if we will have the coming home party under the trees near the seawall just to the south of CYC inRushcutterParkprobably the Sunday after next from about 1030 – I will confirm when I have checked with CYC and a few others. It will be entirely DIY – bring the kids and something to eat and drink and a garbage bag to take away the detritus and we’ll talk about shoes and ships and sealing wax – Berri will be in the pond at CYC for those who want to go and stroke her topsides

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