FROM 1-2. Hobart (Tasmania)-Dunedin (NZ)

Jan 12, 2005 – 0700hrs | 44’55”S 152’51”E. 289nm 6.6knts

Bleah. What was it Malcolm Fraser said when he lost his trousers – something about life not being easy? Out here it’s a breeze man – constant 60 – 75 knots with little lulls to 40 according to the instruments and it certainly sounds and feels like it. I’m in my party gear, but unzipped and unfastened wherever possible cos it gets so hot and steamy with the door closed as it mostly is. still carrying the #5 although rather have the storm jib -too late, alas. this was not supposed to happen. Berri handling it reasonably well with NW wind on port qtr hdg about 115 and occasionally getting dumpers across the deck. heeling about 20deg. Halyards flogging and jib likewise when the gusts hit. Nowt to do about it except sit here wedged into the edge of the nav table and write to all y’all. OK Kim? Shit – that was a biggie. Think I’ll make a nice cup of tea and a cucumber sando. basic problem with that as a strategy is having to remove most of the party gear to accomplish the resultant pee. A horny dilemma. oh for a pusser’s immersion suit with an appropriate tube all tied up with a bit of string. See yer kiddos.

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