FROM 1-2. Hobart (Tasmania)-Dunedin (NZ)

Jan 13, 2005 – 1105hrs

1105hrs 13 Jan 2005. 45’25”S 155’42”E.

competition from 4525 15542 Seaboots are interesting, gregarious and exotic entities that are in the personal protection business with a busy sideline in organic products.   These products are designed to attract similar entities and knock the living daylights out of anything else that moves.   Anyone who visited the titan arum [ed: big plant that flowers once a decade and smells like rotting flesh] in sydney during its brief spell will get the idea.   My pair hold animated conversations with each other, my socks and even pete when he’s in a specially generous mood.   they have been floated on the stock exchange and are currently trading at an all time high of three cents and a dash of asa foetida.   they really really love to be appreciated for being what they are, so i thought you might enjoy a competition to create the best description of the inside of my left boot when it’s at its most talkative.   an ode, perhaps, or a limerick, even a haiku for the erudite.   could lend itself to those with an elegiac bent.  or just an adjective.   anyone game enough to try?   if we eventually get back to sydney with sense of humour intact, there will be massively wonderful prizes.  editor or judges decision final and irrevocable and to be announced at the bash this year in march (we hope)and in this space.   Remember that this is a family website and, while my boot will certainly appreciate he more scatological entries, they won’t be published…

ps seems its about to blow like stink again in the next 24 hours so may be a bit busy

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