FROM 1-34. Hobart-Sydney + Coming Home Party

Jan 15, 2006 - 0730hrs EDT │Sydney

0730hrs 15 Jan 2006 EDT Sydney

Odds and Ends

If anyone passing through the Great Berrimilla Coming Home Consultation next Sunday has a Berri shirt or, indeed anything else that they would like signed, bring it along – we will have a couple of fabric pens handy. I have also started cutting up the old faithful No. 1 genoa that took us a lot of the way around and I should have some sticky labels to go with the pieces in case anyone would like a genuine souvenir with the salt of all the world’s oceans in it. Actually, Brian Shilland cut it up – he who made it in 1993 – only the artist is allowed to destroy his artwork! It has travelled a very long way since then and who knows where all the pieces will end up? There might be a story in that somewhere.

I have just read the draft of a book based on Berrimilla’s travels - purely fictional, but using the logs and an interesting take on the whole adventure – by a well known author in the UK. It has been fascinating talking to him and seeing how fiction is created around actual events. No title yet and probably won’t be launched in Oz for a year or so after the UK launch but I’ll keep you posted. If it sells, he will make a donation to CanTeen, so buy it when it comes out!

For the Marathon runners – I got out on the road during the week and again this morning. Not an inspiring performance – the legs don’t work like they used to and will need to be chivvied. I have now completed about 7 of the 3500 or so kilometres that will be necessary to get me past the Cutty Sark and down the Mall in reasonable time.  Dave, how did you go with the Poole mob? Happy to help with advice if needed. I expect to be in the UK for most of the three weeks from March 21 to April 10 so perhaps we could arrange a run somewhere, followed by a Consultation – Ian, Dave and Katherine, where are you all and I’ll see what we can do. I will send an email to all the runners with my email address so that we can stay in touch.

Neil CA – thanks for your kind offer and I’m glad you are back in training. Must be a really good feeling. I found a photo of you on the internet! I’ll be in touch before March 20 and perhaps we can meet in London.

[ed: Photo of Mal and Steve, Web Slaves – taken the night before Berri arrived in Hobart]


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