FROM 1-2. Hobart (Tasmania)-Dunedin (NZ)

Jan 16, 2005 – 1751hrs (SYD) | 47’32”S 165’46”E.

Hi to everyone out there – Pete here. its grey with rain and fog not much wind but at least were heading in the right direction @ about 5kt. not much to do on deck – it’s my watch so i thought some writing would help time pass. Yesterday was a glorious day sun shining clear blue skies, good, not too cold breeze.

we rearranged the boat below to give more room and while doing tis a few treasures were discovered eg my new personal cd player with belt attachment. It was sundown my watch had just started & i thought a G&T with fresh lemon would finish the day off nicely so went below. Whitworth had the ‘do not disturb’ sign out (lying in bunk with olga’s red beanie on rolled well down no eyes visible). Not being one to drink alone except when I am alone, ‘bugger’ i thought. looking for distraction, i remembered the cd player.

i slipped a disc (bee gees the early decades v 4)that looked interesting into the sandwich and attached my two mini subwoofers to my ears covered by my red and then blue beanies and exited the boat looking for a bit of geriatric disco dancing on the afterdeck. The first half of the disc was great with the early trafalgar album and others but later the ‘saturday night fever’ stuff when the boys decided rubber bands to the parts would be the answer to their new distinctive castrato style the beat moved the feet. After some time i’d had enough – ‘i need more floor space’ i shouted and dragged the phones from my ears…silence, the lap of wave against hull, the squeak of rope through block the only noise. bliss.

@^****! awgh! **&#! awgh!

Startled, i knew exactly what this distinctive noise was. I had heard it so many times in my youth – the mating call of the splay footed moorhen. I looked everywhere but nothing sighted. what would a flightless bird be doing here i thought. i reembered reading in an old text that british whalers had taken these birds to south georgia as ‘comforters’ (what the hell is a comforter) over 200 years could they have cross bred and attained flight or perhaps it was a couple on their s. pacific honeymoon cruise. perplexed, and it being the end of my watch, i went below to find a dishevelled and wide eyed alex muttering about bloody USB gadgets. Cheers Pete

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