FROM 1-2. Hobart (Tasmania)-Dunedin (NZ)

Jan 18, 2005 – 1726hrs (SYD Time) |47’10”S 171’53”E.

Today has been a day of deteriorating fortune. We spent an hour getting set up this morning with twin poles and all fine for a bit – wind then too strong for #5 so dropped it. lost a steering line and repaired it. wind increasing and storm jib halyard came off just as we lost another steering line. Poo. fixed steering line but we gave up on sails and we’re bare poling on about 075 at 5 kts. damp and unpleasant, so we’ve had a Consultation – two in fact – and will try and take advantage of the reduced motion to take turns to catch up on the sleep we missed during the day. Just snacking for food Colin’s cake, a bit of cheese, muesli bars.

Faint signs that the gale is abating – supposed to do so around midday. Sun low on horizon astern with brilliant reflections from the backs of the breaking waves ahead – and,if you’re looking – ice blue through them as they come up astern. Seabirds everywhere and albatrosses parking on the water occasionally close to us – really graceful low speed approach, feet out in front and just settle. To get airborne, they just unfold those huge wings and they’re off – no doubt they know the exact moment when all the forces are working for them.

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