FROM 1-16. Lymington

Jul 06, 2005 - 0915hrs UTC │ex Falmouth

0915hrs 06 Jul 2005 UTC ex Falmouth

[ed: relayed by phone via Malcolm] 10:15 (presumably 9:15 UTC) departedFalmouth for Lymington. 9:40 abeam St Anthony’s Head. Isabella and Graham up on the point taking photos. Wind 25-30kt NW, going nicely with a couple of reefs. Hope to be in Lymington tomorrow night but depends on catching the tide. Really loving being under sail again!

[ed: from Alex via sitcom an hour later] a quick update to check that satcom c is working – still no sailmail – we’re abut 10 miles east of fmth heading for start point, then portland. 30 kt nw wind so going fast – still getting used to the tides – lots of other boats around. berri seems to be working well – so far so good.  both a bit seedy after farewells last night.

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