FROM 1-16. Lymington

Jul 07, 2005 – 0630hrs UTC

0630hrs 07 Jul 2005 UTC 54’33”N 001’49”E

sunrise over the needles – or would have been if i could have seen them – we’re just passing anvil point, needles fairway buoy dead ahead at 10 miles and the tide is flooding – woohoo – but all arse, no class. completely unplanned, very fast riip. all going well, should be in lymington by the time the pubs open. gobsmacking – just can’t believe we’re really here.

having said which, since we’ve been ashore in the fmth fleshpots and now baack at sea, i’m confronted with gentle dread about just how flimsy and fragile this little unit really is and how much of the venture is still ahead. but i still have my towel, so i won’t panic.

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