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Jul 15, 2005 - 0700hrs UTC │Lymington

0700hrs 15 Jul 2005 UTC Lymington

The countdown begins. In three weeks from today, we must move Berri closer to the start line so that we can get to the briefing inCoweson the evening of Aug 6, the day before the start. We will probably go toSouthamptonand go over on the ferry that evening just for the briefing.Coweswill be a real shambles with over 1000 boats there at the end ofCowesweek and there ain’t no hope of finding anywhere to park overnight.

The HF radio has gone back to ICOM – major fault, as yet undiagnosed, and awaiting cost-to-fix estimate with some trepidation. To-do list otherwise manageable, I hope. Mostly trivia but we are also intending to upgrade the VHF if we can afford it so that the big ships can see us and we can see them – the new AIS system.

Will do a new list after the weekend – this is a few days of family time – Hilary and Katherine are here and we are expecting Pete’s niece with 100 of her friends tonight to go for a jolly sail around theSolent.

Much planning still to do for the race – waiting for Peter Bruce to get back from his cruise to hold my hand as we work through it. Much more difficult that aHobartbecause of the tides and headlands.

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