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Jul 23, 2005 – 0700hrs UTC │Lymington

0700hrs 23 Jul 2005 UTC Lymington

The radio is back, reportedly fixed and tested, but too late to fit yesterday, so it will go in on monday. If it works and everything else still works the monday update will come via sailmail – keep your fingers crossed for us and hold your collective breath.

Dave and Carmen Giddings from RANSA turned up yesterday and we had a short Consultation on board with them – noice to see them and to hear other people speaking roight. And we were able to gloat quietly about the cricket.

Into the small to do stuff now – except the radio and the spreader, which we will look at with the local rigger on Monday. Then some spinnaker practice…

We got a small mention in the August Yachting World and there will be a full article in Yachting Monthly in – we think – September, complete with photos. The photographer was on board yesterday taking lots of pics – he’s a sailor too and took stuff that interested him as well so it will be educative to see what the editor goes with. Youse all will see it before we do if all is going well.

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