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Jul 31, 2005 – 0655hrs UTC │Lymington

0655hrs 31 Jul 2005 UTC Lymington

6 days to the briefing and then, in almost exactly a week from now, we will be leaving our mooring in Cowes to go to the start gate with trisail and storm jib set and sail number in the starboard lifelines.  Our start is at 1100 bst, so 2000 Sydney time on august 7.

The Solent this morning is windless and foggy – the breeze should kick in later. I did my rounds of the salterns again this morning, starting at 0510 – already light, low tide, water like silver plate. Yarmouth ferry, all lit up, easing down the river. Rabbits – thousands of them, curlews, lapwing, Canada geese, herons, egrets, oyster catchers, a couple of hawks hovering over the long grass near Keyhaven. And cows on the firm parts of the old salterns inside the sea wall.

We are getting ourselves medically checked tomorrow and Pete has a dental appointment – VHF gets upgraded too and that should be it – fingers in the usual firmly crossed state. Some shopping to do and the last of our non Fastnet gear to come off and into the car.

Looking at the big picture, we actually turn for home at the Fastnet Rock, our furthest point from Oz  – quite fitting really. A stop in Plymouth after we finish, then back to Falmouth where we reload all the gear, do a monster shopping exercise and set off for Sydney.

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