FROM 1-15. Falmouth, Malta, and environs

Jun 02, 2005 – 0630hrs UTC

0630hrs 02 Jun 2005 UTC Map Ref 274

accolades:in case it gets too busy for a while:

malcolm robinson in hobart + stevejacksoninsydney: for giving us so much of their time and skill running the website and keeping us in touch – can’t wait to see the website – thanks heaps guys.

kevin fleming: for an elegant and wonderfully effecdtive self steering unit and for his personal interest and concern – the man actually sent us money to get the bearings reamed because he felt the bearings should have got us here – well they did, kevin, thanks.

john witchard: – we have had one of his 22hp kubota engines in berrimilla for about 5 years. it hasn’t missed a beat in the most trying circumstances – and all the spares come from the tractor shop, not a specialised marine engineering outfit. thanks john.

brian shilland: who has made all our sails since we bought the boat. he listens, makes great sails that work and they have lasted. the delivery sails we are using  are all over 10 years old – the main has done 8 hobarts including ’98, 5 lord howes and half way round the world through a couple of 80 kt blows and it will get us home. onya brian and thanks.

and especially all y’all for sticking with us, for your support and humour in times of joy and adversity and for giving us something to wrap this venture arouind and inject some purpose it may not have had without you.  we love youse all..

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