FROM 1-15. Falmouth, Malta, and environs

Jun 02, 2005 – 1145hrs UTC

1145hrs 02 Jun 2005 UTC Map Ref 275

50 to go . i’ve run further than that. looking like about 1900z at the harbour entrance – perhaps earlier. 37 to the lizard. first consultation point.

past the scillies – very big traffic separation scheme just south of them – 5 lanes, but really two, one westbound, one eastbound, with very strict rules about entry and exit. we just skirted to the south. huge container ship – flush deck with  small tower stbd side like an aircraft carrier, containers stacked 10 high and about 20 rows of them. not nice on a dark night. surrounded by cormorants – grubby brown and white version with yellowish heads and a spectacular brilliant white bird with black wingtips.

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