FROM 1-15. Falmouth, Malta, and environs

Jun 20, 2005 - 0800hrs UTC │Falmouth, Meeting Leroy and Karen Chiao

My apologies – it’s been a very long time. We have been very busy with the smaller Berri fixes while we await the arrival of the electronics whizz tomorrow, We are also expecting a journalist from Yachting Monthly and another from Yachting World – both seem very interested and the ISS contact is just as fascinating over here as it has been in Australia – and, of course, for us.

On which subject, we collected Leroy and Karen Chiao from Newquay airport early on Saturday – I was trepidating a bit because – well, because.

Turns out they both drink Guinness with connoisseurial gusto, were prepared to carry out a number of Consultations on a gentle tour of the Falmouth waterfront, including the Chain Locker, Brian, which isn’t as badly done by as I first thought. We introduced them to the idea of a proper breakfast, being a Consultation with a bacon sandwich and Tabasco to follow and we think the idea may have caught on. And Karen has all five books in the HGTTG trilogy and understands the jokes. Need I say more. Coool and froody people.

And on Sunday, the four of us were invited to lunch with some other friends who had been in contact with Leroy in space. You would all instantly recognise the name but I must respect their privacy. One of the most interesting weekends of my life – magic understates it by a few of Leroy’s orbits.

Berri is still out of the water – the rudder shudder was indeed a loose lower bearing but as this is more of a locator than weight bearing, we think it is easily fixed. Pete has been dismantling Kevvo up the road with a local enthusiast of 78 who has a splendid workshop that has accumulated all sorts of interesting machinery over the years and who likes the challenge – a real perfectionist of the old school – should be finished today. I have been plumbing in the desalinator through a new inlet up forward of the main bulkhead and that will be finished today too. I am also working on realigning the forward cockpit drains so that they work better and we must put on some coats of antifoul before thursday which – if the tide is right – should be the day. Shroud workaround is, we think, just around the corner – we intend to use StaLocks instead of swages and just replace the two lowers. The rigger will do a proper check of all the upper swages when he goes up the mast.

Sails are being repaired and will be ready on the 29th when we get back from Malta and I will be getting out the racing sails from the shed later today if there is time.

And the bills are starting to roll in. Very many thanks to everyone who has contributed with the shirts and straight donations – we are really grateful and will keep you posted on the distribution.

Must go and soil my hands else Pete will think I’m bludging again. Will try to be more chatty from here on. We will be in Malta from 24 – 28 so may be a gap there but will do my best.

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