FROM 1-15. Falmouth, Malta, and environs

Jun 20, 2005 – 1800hrs UTC │Falmouth

1800hrs 20 Jun 2005 UTC Falmouth

Seems my update about our fastnet entry has been lost in the void somewhere. I sent it from here – the caff – so anything’s possible. We are officially entered in the 2 handed division – I had misread all the things I thought might be showstoppers and I was able to complete all the paperwork and pay the money and, subject to an actual safety inspection, we are on the way to the start line. WOOH!OO! 44 years later…

I went to a presentation at the RORC afterwards and they very kindly asked me to present the prizes – being the wimp I am in public, I found it all a bit difficult but lots of interested people there including some of The Enemy in the 2 handed div. All very helpful and we may go to a small regatta on theBeaulieuRiverwhere I grew up early in July. Really looking forward to that if we can get there.

Reasonably successful day – kevvo finished except for a bit of welding, desalinator done and cockpit drains half done. A bit frustrating because the chandlers all seem to have some of the stuff but not all so there’s a lot of to-in and fro-ing.

YM journo arrives Thursday.

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