FROM 1-15. Falmouth, Malta, and environs

June 04, 2005 - 1430hrs UTC │Falmouth

1430hrs 04 Jun 2005 UTC Falmouth

Berri now on mooring I-14 at R. Cornwall YC – great place – will be hard to leave!

Tks so much for emails – just printed a book of them at the caff, painfully slow…

Annie T – thanks for contacts – absolutely wonderful – long story, will fill in later – but have use of waterfront shed and workshop! Also got your message – gobsmacked – pse send to Hilary and huge thanks.

Bill K – thanks for offer – also gobsmacked – will be in touch in a few days.

Roger, thanks for big effort with RFD – will call you in a couple of days.

And thanks with attitude to all y’all for wonderful emails, support and general good humour – we will keep this going whle we’re here – will try to get better comms so can write longer updates.

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