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June 07, 2005 – 1800hrs UTC │Devon

1800hrs 07 Jun 2005 UTC Devon

At my sister’s after 3 really intensive days emptying the boat – still hard to believe we got it all in – and today we started on the cleanup – all the interior black with mould and other ferals – bleach gets most of it off but it ain’t a pleasant job. Big achievement logged. Boots now in orange plastic bag – interesting to see how the ferals cope with that as a photosynthesis exercise. The silver lining though was the can of The Doctor we found under something slimy but still with sufficient structural integrity to preserve the compression – AND the plastic (sorry,AL- no choice really) bottle of Glenfiddich. Woohoo! The Doctor was consulted forthwith but sadly, the can of oysters that was with it had rather lost it’s desire to serve. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe cow would not approve.

We go back for the remaining cleanup tomorrow and then dinner with the other half of the Pippin mob fromHobart. Annie T, thanks for the contact – and your fundraising – can’t go beyond gobsmacking. Will pay for mooring fees for stay in Fmth. Huge.

For the first time since we got here, I think I can see beyond the immediate – things are fitting into a sort of plan and will get done – we have found an electronics person who we thinik knows what he’s talking about – didn’t go Huh? when we asked him about Sailmail and Pactor modems. He’s inSpaintill next week but I think worth waiting for.

The yard is ready for us and the sailmaker has collected our rather tatty offering and is ready to transform it.

And coming from Oz has its advantages. The local chandlery has lost the contact for the manufacturers of Lanokote – the heavy industrial version of cholesterol  – lanolene – made in Nowra – and I was able to ring Bob and Bear at Rushcutter and pass on the info – so we qualify for a discount..

And we will meet Leroy sometime soon – extraordinary rendezvous.

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