FROM 2-10. Falmouth-Crosshaven-Fastnet

Just an update

The countdown begins – Berri is looking good, with a new pinky mascot from Sue and surrounded by swans and cygnets and huge greasy mullet. She's never been so light and it just could be a light wind race – see – last minute electrical glitches needed sorting today and seem to be under control .Engineer coming tomoz to listen to engine and gearbox and advise. Safety stuff being checked – and over to Cowes by RIB tomorrow courtesy of a generous friend for the 1979 memorial service and the RORC party;=article&id;=267:1979-fastnet-race-30th-anniverary-memorial-service-a-cowes-cocktail-party&catid;=36:club-news

We will take Berri across to E. Cowes Marina late Thursday or early Friday all going well. Stickers yet to go on and briefing on Saturday.

Dinner tonight with friends at the Dodgy Eater aka La Dolce Vita. Noice.

I'll try to do pics tomorrow. Berri so light that I don't even have a camera – just the phone. And we are only taking a foot of dental floss to share and recycle – that should sort any hygeine problems.  And military rations of loo paper. Berri rocks!

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