FROM 2-9. Greenland-N.Atlantic-Falmouth

K: On the road again

The sun-goods have been kind to us today, and when we waved goodbye to Nuuk this morning it was set against a backdrop of perfect blue sky. Berri is pootling down the fjords south of Nuuk towards the open sea. Amazing scenery all around. It reminds me very much of Southwest Tassie – some of these massive quartzite outcrops could almost be the Arthur Range with the crooked thumb of Federation Peak sticking out. Actually, not meaning to be disloyal to Tassie, but I think it's a lot sunnier and clearer over here today than the average bushwalking trip back home!

And so we begin the next leg of the trip. This lovely weather isn't forecast to last too much longer. Looks like we're due for some nasty headwinds in the next day or so, so we might yet end up tucking-up somewhere further south to wait it out. The comes the real commitment when we poke our noses out around the southern corner of Greenland and into the Atlantic. Guess we'll wait and see what happens!

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