FROM 1-8. Horn to Falkland Islands

Mar 12, 2005 – 0803hrs UTC

Sitrep: 0803hrs 12 Mar 2005 UTC 55’41”S 065’24”W Map Ref 117

Soooo nice to be going North – and in almost flat calm water, dead downwind, 5 knots and the water is going around the hull so quietly that all you can hear is the occasional bubble forming around the skeg. Bliss – and from here it gets warmer.

We are heading directly towards Sea Lion Islands off the southern corner of East Falkland, 299 miles away. This takes us east and clear of Isla de los Estadas or Staten Island and across the Birdwood Bank. Should take us about two days, and perhaps another day from there into Port Stanley. Stage two put to bed – but no predictions, Whitworth – remember the last ten or so ETA’s for the Horn.

Took lots of photos and film as we passed. We took Gerry’s advice and went by at about a mile offshore to enjoy the view. Just another craggy headland except for the myth and legend – but an emotional and moving hour or so. One little bit of unfinished business cleared up as well. Surrounded by rain squalls but glances of sunlight reflecting off the Horn itself and the rock faces and scrubby bits of the islands to the North. Almost perfectly timed as it turned out. And all the tension has evaporated – it’s done, we got moderately bashed, Berri’s fine and the crew is beginning to notice that they smell. Unclench, Malcolm! I’ll do some stats for the trip for the next update.

And Malcolm, how did you go? Ditto Steve – we’re busting to get the news.

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