FROM 1-9. Falklands

Mar 19, 2005 - 2200hrs UTC

2200hrs 19 Mar 2005 UTC 51’41”S 057’49”W Map Ref 123

Quick update to wish all the bashers a happy bash and we’ll ring you to say g’day. That’s at 0300 here, with the marathon to follow, so it’s an early night here for this kid. Today was a touristy day – we went to Volunteer Point to visit the King penguins. The road goes out past all the 1982 battlefields close to Stanley and then meanders across about 15 miles af very muddy peat bog – the signpost says ‘Volunteer Point through this gate

- if unsure, please ask’ and it’s then about an hour of some very serious 4 wheel driving and you’d better know the way. We were with Patrick Watts, who knows lots of local history and can talk about it while concentrating on keeping his wagon on all four wheels in some difficult country.

The marathon course has a lot more attitude than your average rather tame flat downhill all the way Oz version. The weather has improved marginally and it may not be quite so cold but if there is any wind and rain, it will be something of a headbang. Have Pete organised to be out there laughing a lot and clutching various versions of The Doctor – call it experimental – one should always do science in adversity. No doubt there will be photos.

From Roger W.

Alex & Pete

It must be great to have a shower & sleep in a bed! I want to hear about the Falklands, particularly now 20+ years after the war, how the islanders feel about it in retrospect, what they think of Argentina now, what sort of future they have etc. I used to supply cigarettes (mostly Craven A in tins) to the Falklands in the 60s, I used to get the hand written order twice a year from the lady who ran the post office – I even remember that her name was Velma Malcolm! – and then send them on the twice-a-year supply vessel. I was in Buenos Aires in ’82 when the war started, and indeed regularly from ’69 to ’82, including periods of residence in Paraguay and Uruguay. At the time I was appalled that we actually went to war and killed people over the islands, but was glad we thrashed Argentina which was ruled at the time by a bunch of thugs and had an army made up of indolent sods who spent all their time avoiding actual military duty. I don’t expect a thesis by return, but look forward to discussing these and other matters in the bar on your return! Good luck in the marathon Alex you daft sod!

Roger, Wilma wrote a book and I’m trying to get you a copy – not easy but there may be some still around. She died a couple of years ago. More later.

Congratulations on Horn rounding, from Jennifer

Alex & Peter,

warm & hearty congratulations on your achievement. What a wonderful
experience for you both and the trusty Brolga. Well done “”conquering”” Cape

I have been following your adventures since mid-way to NZ, however due to
excessive work demands during the last week or so, have only just managed to
catch-up on your progress. I personally know many, many of the people
reading your log entries and work with one – Brolga owner Rowley Beckett.
Several of the people you respond to in the log I also know, so it’s a fun
discussion point when we cross paths.

I did a couple of CYCA SOPS races during February/March with one of your
recent Sydney-Hobart crew, James. He joined us regulars on “”Athena””, a
Bavaria 38 that tried to make Hobart in 2004 but ended up in Eden.
Undeterred, the owners are planning Syd-Southport in July followed by
another assault on Hobart. Hopefully we will see you on the start line.

For me, the most interesting aspect has been the ability to read the logs in
near real time. None of this nasty waiting for snail-mail to arrive. It’s
quite amazing to think what you can do with technology these days. Hope you
have a conversation with the Space Station – I’m looking forward to that log

Anyway, have a well-earned rest and a consultation or twenty with the

Wishing you good sailing and fair winds for the next leg of the journey.


Jennifer, Hi and thanks for kind words and thanks to to everyone else – so many of you – who have written to us. I’m sorry that events have got a bit beyond my capacity to reply to everyone but I’m a lot less able to get to a pc than on the boat. Will try to catch up and answer questions in the next couple of days. That is, if I survive tomorrow.

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