FROM 1-10. South Atlantic-Going up

Mar 29, 2005 – 2000hrs UTC

2000hrs 29 Mar 2005 UTC 46’27”S 050’35”W Map Ref 133

Those of us who thought things would get easier this side of the wall couldn’t have been wronger. Lots of wind this morning, then none and now we’re in a ferocious little storm that we were sort of expecting but at much lower strength. Quite scary at the mo  – wind screaming at different levels in different bits of the rig, big waves building up, boat bare poled, wind on quarter as much as possible 60 – 80 knots in gusts, waves crashing against and across the boat. Impossible to sleep – tension and noise too big – so really really nice to get your emails in the mail call a few minutes ago. Sorry you’re confused, Mal. Put new skippers hat on!. Peter cox, thanks, Derek, Hi, biskit dunkin lady, g’day – they’re going well. Just finished the spagbog.

Brittany- nice to hear a friendly voice answer the phone. This is very nasty indeed, and quite scary. All we can do is sit it out, hope nothing breaks and try again tomorrow. It’s gusting 80 and the waves are crashing over the boat – she’s only little. Grey knuckles till it abates, and no sign of that at the mo.

If/when we do get to play with Leroy, we’ll let off a white parachute rocket first, which will rise to about 300m and burn for about a minute and light the place up a bit,then well turn on the red spotlight.

Better stop – last wave dumped lots of stuff on the floor and dont want to lose laptop.

Hi again – I’m taking a punt that it’s decided to abate a bit – and I need a distraction – steady 65 – 70 knots but the really big gusts seem to be further apart. You know things are really bad when the wind is so strong it flattens the tops off the waves and – surprise – the boat has stopped rolling. Was going to ask you about the ‘Hail Mary’ pass mentioned in the EVA article – would that be when the quarterback has run out of options and throws the ball into space, Hail Mary on his lips, hoping that divine intervention will land it in the arms of one of his team?  Or have I lost the plot?

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