FROM 1-10. South Atlantic-Going up

Mar 30, 2005 - 0228hrs UTC │Clench-Inducing Sequences I

0228hrs 30 Mar 2005 UTC 46’06”S 050’27”W Map Ref 134

[ed: Sat phone call from Alex]

Wind is abating from 80kts.

Several knockdowns.

Liferaft was washed overboard, is being towed behind and they may lose it.

They may be able to retrieve it in the morning.

If they lose it we may need to report a drifting liferaft bearing Berri’s registration near the above coordinates.

They have been unable to contact SailMail – suspect poor propagation.

They will leave the SatPhone on as long as there is any concern and while batteries hold out.

Just about to make a cup of tea!

[ed: Sat phone call from Alex an hour later]

Liferaft has gone.

Wind is still strong but continuing to abate.

Seas still high.

Some water in the boat but bucketfuls rather than large quantities.

Uncomfortable but not dangerous.

Consultation in progress :-)

[ed: note of contact with AMSA at 1409 AEST 30 Mar 2005]

Just confirming that I have advised Australian Maritime Safety Authority about the drifting liferaft. After a bit of a hiccup over the unexpected longitude, they said that they would pass details on to the relevant authorities.


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