FROM 1-10. South Atlantic-Going up

Mar 31, 2005 - 2000hrs UTC

2000hrs 31 Mar 2005 UTC Map Ref 140

Contrast – howling crashing storm to balmy warm sunny day, gentle 20 knot breeze, poled out headsail. Huge cleanup day – everything that moves out on deck, all the hatches open, drying and mending sails and clothes, finding summer clothes in the bearpit that is our stowage, massive protest movement from bootferals, now in considerable strength but out in the sunlight. Also spent some time removing damaged stanchion – we kept a few of the old ones, so when we next get that far down under the bunks, we can pull one out and replace it. We also lost a spinnaker turning block but that seems to be the sum total of the damage. Pretty lucky really. The liferaft pelican clip was open but with the locking slide in the closed position. A real mystery – I’d been checking it regularly and I’m certain it was properly closed. Lashing for the next one, although I hope it doesn’t ever get to see the froth and bubble that destroyed the last one.

From Richard & all at Fastnet

Sorry to hear about the liferaft, but glad you both & BERRI got through 80k otherwise okay. Nice to know that it inflated okay, you never know sometimes. If you want to carry out an inventory of items like the dinghy, outboard & personal effects on board (i.e. things that would not be sold with the boat) and put values against each, I may be able to negotiate a lower excess for each – a bit “”shutting the gate after the horse has bolted””, but there we go.

Richard and the crew at Fastnet Insurance, thanks for offer, but I think hardly worth it for the minimal value of the stuff that isn’t part of the boat – smelly clothes, wet weather gear, a couple of laptops and some cameras and other computer peripherals – there will have to be another liferaft too. What do you think? We don’t have to go below 40S again from here until the Hobart race, as long as we don’t mind a bit of a small circle detour across the Indian Ocean on the way back.

Best possible estimate for Falmouth is around mid May, more likely early June. But still 6k+ miles to go.

From Gerry and Donna

Gidday Alex and Pete,following your progress with great interest on my return to Brisvagas today 31/3,gripping reading,Godspeed ya’ll to sunshine,very best wishes

Gerry and Donna – good to hear from you. Back in shorts and working on Doctoral theses on EVA. Much nicer. And I can recommend The Archers’ Tool as a summer quench.

Derek P, thanks for details for satphone. Have installed service number and tried to send you a message but no go – will check the instructions again.

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