FROM Village Girl

Marvin and the parking lot

We bought Village Girl in Friday Harbour last year and sailed her to Port Townsend where she sat in the old boat graveyard on-land parking spot all winter. She was moved to the work area on April 15 and Megan set to work sanding and antifouling – massive job and finished when I arrived from Oz a couple of weeks later. Since then, we have rebuilt the mast, made new hatches, rewired the electrical system, installed a DSC VHF radio linked to the GPS, built the rowing station and done the million trivial things that are essential to make her seaworthy. Megan got her amazing pedal drive system working properly but we have yet to test it. She is now building a crate to send the outboard to Ketchikan in… It’s been a huge, exhausting process but VG was relaunched a few days agocourtesy of Marvin and we went sailing a couple of days ago. It all seems to work, but really no confidence until we can get her out in some heavy weather. Lots of little things yet to do – fitting jacklines, tossing everything off that we dont need, passing the safety inspection on Friday…keep them crossed please – the Examiner is lurking. And we visited a basking sea lion…Huge thanks to PTR riggers and all the other p.eople who have helped Virus-free. <#m_-1817043855539821457_DAB4FAD8-2DD7-40BB-A1B8-4E2AA1F9FDF2>

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