FROM 1-13. Across the Equator &1st circumnavigation

May 01, 2005 - 2345hrs UTC

2345hrs 01 May 2005 UTC Map Ref 195

Well, we had a good run but the wind has now dropped and is still dropping so we won’t make the equator tomorrow, and maybe not Tuesday either.

 A big ship appeared astern this morning – called them, no answer, but heard him talking to someone else as if he was meeting or picking them up – he turned away to the south.   Another big one a couple of hours later answered us and told us he could not see us on his radar from about 4 miles.  Bit of a worry, especially for the English Channel, but good to know.

We’ve had a busy day – finding stored food, gin, tonic, Smoothies,- John M-B, thanks for introducing us to them – nice drop. We keep a couple of cans in the outside fridge which just cools them enough to make them palatable and quenchy. Every hatch open, ventilation system forcing the 4 knots of breeze through the boat – Pete now trying to sleep.


A couple of nice emails from Leroy, who says his rehab is going well and he’s enjoying being back. Our plan to recognise his contribution to this enterprise is still germinating – a bit like Isabella’s parsley, which seems to grow at glacial speed.

Thinking about something I said recently – about the balance between elation and listless abandonment of care – firstly, I meant care as ‘concern’ – the ‘she’ll be right’ syndrome, we don’t have to do anything about that and anyway it’s too hard. Also, we’ve had it really easy for a couple of weeks now – no sail changes, no party gear, all heat, booze, sweaty tropical sultries and lassitude. And getting desperately unfit, can’t even lift a full bucket of water and would find it very hard to climb the mast. This is almost as hard – maybe harder – mentally than the constant dread and bashings further south, although I’ve no doubt which I prefer physically.

Just been out on deck for an hour – very black night – we’re under low overcast with rain showers, almost no wind and all over the place. Nice to stand in the relatively cold rain although not enough of it to wash in. This will slow us down a bit.

Will send this and maybe do another later – must keep eyes open on deck.

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