FROM 1-13. Across the Equator &1st circumnavigation

May 10, 2005 – 2200hrs UTC

2200hrs 10 May 2005 UTC Map Ref 211

A humdrum day. We continue to ride the bus shelter as it bucks and corkscrews its way across the ocean – I’ve now got a bedsore in the small of my back from bracing against its side wall which is not a barrel of laughs – but we did get a lift and instead of pointing at Bermuda, we are now looking at Newfoundland – hooley dooley thank you Promethea! One more like that and we’re heading for the back of the Azores which on a normal trip would be just where we want to be going. It looks a bit different up there now though and I’m not so sure – Mal, where’s the Azores high centred and what’s between us and its back edge?? Seems all wrong to have a couple of lows in the way.

Our thoughts are now very much towards Falmouth and the big to-do list we have when we get there. And we are on a very strict Consultation regime with half a can of Medicinal Potion each at lunchtime (ish) and a Dr Gordon or Dr Plonk each in the evening. Doing it very tough indeed.

New moon in the sky as I write – tiny silver sliver just visible between clouds across most of the sky. Great Bear now above the lower spreader – real progress. Pole star lost in the haze.

George, thanks for berthing info – I have made provisional booking with Kerry A at the Berthon – dont worry about storage, we’ll leave it all in Falmouth.

Fenwick, Andy M has a bike for you – contact Malcolm.

And Malcom, please thank Phil Yock for dark matter and the Coal Sack. We can see Orion and the nebulae in his belt too – and almost right side up from here.

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