FROM 1-14. Nearly to Falmouth

May 14, 2005 - 0900hrs UTC

0900hrs 14 May 2005 UTC 19’42”N 035’25”W Map Ref 217 5062nm (2328nm to Falmouth)

This one’s a catch up on correspondence – I’m losing the plot a bit what with no sustained time on night watches to write these and all the Consultations required as we keep passing milestones – or should that be watermarks?. Yesterday we had 50 days, 1000 miles, Friday 13 and the normal morning and evening sessions with one GP or another, and today, if we get lucky, there will be another at 20N – now only 18 miles away. As I write, some of our families and long time Berri mates are having dinner together and we are hoping to hear the satphone beep at us so that we can talk to them all.

Rowley – thanks for all that Global Challenge stuff- we’ve been watching our stern, but I think we were just about on their track at the equator and we are now way to the north. They will slow down a bit when they get to the equator! The NE trades have been more NNE for us but they may get lucky. That will be Pindar’s best chance of catching up a bit.

We are using an Autohelm ST 4000 autopilot when Kevvo is having a rest, mostly following the windvane rather than the compass, so working just like Kevvo (the Fleming). As for Isobars, sorry, can’t help – can’t see the map. GRIB stands for Graphics in Binary and it is a very sexy way of downloading weather information from NOAA computer models, I think in the USA. If you want to see it in action, you need sailmail or similar package or get onto pentacomstat website and find reference to Marc and sailmail and follow. Go and see Marc, if he’ll let you, and he’ll show you the setup we have on Berri. Grib takes some getting used to especially the scale versus your speed and has no localised predictions, hence our surprise down the S. American coast a few weeks ago.

Fiona, thanks for the Galaxy song – it’s been in the back of my mind for ages sort of subconsciously.

[ed: I like it too so it’s here]

Kevin Fleming, you’re an absolute bloody gem! Thanks so much for organising spares and especially $ – I don’t know anyone else who would have done that! Kevvo, the unit, is still working fine – when it gets really rolly, like now, we give it a rest and use the autohelm as long as the sun is out warming the solar panel because it is just a bit easier to fine tune as we go. But it has saved our bacon so many times now we will have to frame it or something when it eventually gets us home. Did you use the photo for your advert? You have my permission to quote from the website too if you want to, just acknowledge copyright and permission.

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