FROM 1-14. Nearly to Falmouth

May 18, 2005 - 0430hrs UTC

0430hrs 18 May 2005 UTC 28’15”N 034’28”W Map Ref 227 5582nm (1874nm to Falmouth)

v mt ocean. no birds, fish, people –  1st ship for days just past astern lisbn braz?. still lots seaweed. + ghosts. doing 130 nm days ) w end of az’s. xpct collect front to n with w change to carry us home – swiiing looow…no fun being out of contact – hugely enjoy interact’n w. y’all. anticp’n growing + dstnce seems growing parallel – long way 2 go, v chancy wx sit’n.. last few days for eta’s rnvp @ 35n say 3 days. bferals thriving – other wldlfe in grotty clothes bags – all salt encrstd.

 3-6 nightwtch longest – moon down, shwrs, drk. gbear o’head polestar ahead – all hpng xcpt hf radio. cool 2 b here not s ocean.

tks ak 4 contacts. tks f’wick for lots. old glowbum here v grateful.

not confdnt in satcom some msgs not delvrd so kpng short.

luv youse all

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