FROM 1-14. Nearly to Falmouth

May 18, 2005 – 1330hrs UTC

1330hrs 18 May 2005 UTC 29’06”N 034’17”W Map Ref 229 5634nm (1827nm to Falmouth)

daily watch rutine 4 blubums midnt-3,pete:3-6alex these two are long and  lonely unless moon is up, phosph, dolphins etc.6-9 p -sets up solar panl, checks for damage, chafe etc 9-12 a -no hf so little to do – checks nav, satcom etc. try to read, write emails, not easy when on watch.

1200 hi point – consultation – half can of conslttve lubricnt each – only the dr and 2 smoothies left. 12-3 p,  3-6 a diff 2 sleep in these – hot, windy, humid big motion. general maintenance jobs when poss.

6-9 p – cooks dinner, evening consltn – if an ‘on’day, g+t woohoo looked fwd to all day – else on ‘off days’ (on,off,off). glass of dr plonk. dr plonk with meal, wash up, a sleeps for last hour then 9-12a puts away panel, tidy up, watch stars and gbear climb. will prob run out of gin + dr p.

saw gb right way up yest 4 1st time pointing up to n star. woohoo. cross now below horizon – mixed feelings. achievement, work still to do (panic but still have towel) absent friend etc.

54nm to 30n + next watermark.hi fm pete

p,p,p,+ tu bigtime.

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