FROM 1-14. Nearly to Falmouth

May 30, 2005 - 0615hrs UTC

0615hrs 30 May 2005 UTC Map Ref 260

i think i may have been in this bit of ocean before – i recognised a bit of it this morning – and i’m sure my father, who spent most of his life at sea, would have crossed this stretch many times. so, another ghost but a more personal one. i think he would have approved of rhis little venture. lovely fiery cherry pink sunrise this morning and the half moon was clearly visible at the same time so that the angle of the moon’s reflected light was apparent – doesn’t often happen.

might be a difficult summer on the english beaches – the water surface here is carpeted with tiny portuguese m o’ war – hundreds to the square metre – and the wind is blowing them ne. we’re still pointing at the barn door – rather slowly just at the moment but thursday is still possible. had our -500 consultation with dr lamb at breakfast – goes very wellwith muesli and composted fruit.

arlette – down to last six dunkers – jammy ones. and the eggs lasted till last week – we’ve been rationing them and only lost a couple – one broke and one suss. vaseline works.
bid hope we can co-incide
m + e – thanks for msg – plymouth is a distinct possibility once we have fixed the boat up a bit – i’ll ring you when we get in. may stay with my sister in n devon too, so could be within pub range.

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