FROM 1-15. Falmouth, Malta, and environs

May 31, 2005 - 2215hrs UTC

2215hrs 31 May 2005 UTC Map Ref 266

it’s all gone very soft indeed. about 5 kts from the sw and we’re burning a bit of diesel just to keep moving. eta now friday – may make webcam yet. the usual n atlantic mist – no real horizon and long swell, surprisingly few ships so far – we’re just between the main routes. will be a very long couple of days

From Jeremy B., Falmouth

There are few hazards in the entrance. You should see the Lizard light from a long way off,then the Manacles buoy,then some way off to the north you will probably see a red light fairly low down,this is the red sector of St Anthonys light which is on the east side of the entrance.The only hazard is the Black rock in the middle of the entrance,this has a beacon on it but is unlit.However there is a cardinal buoy to the east of it that marks the west of the big ship channel.From there in a yacht one can head NW to the docks eastern and northern arms keeping an eye out for the Governor buoy on the way, and head into the Penryn River.Alternatively by day,one can leave the Black rock to Stbd and head up the western shore.Once past the docks turn to port for the pontoons against the town to the right of Customs House quay.At night this may take a little finding because of all the town lights!!

jeremy, tks for details – no probs and will go to harbourmasters pontoons

From Salvatore R.

Hi Alex good to see you are progressing in the journey, knowing you out there makes us all envious and wish to be there with to share some of the magic pink mornings moments.  Anyway enough of these niceties and down to business – have consulted with Emma and come up with an idea to show you that we mean support to the business end not just words..
How would you feel if we get one of your pictures i thought the one on the web site whereyou are in front of the horn, have it nicely framed and run a raffle at keycorp to raise some  funds ? If you are happy that we do this how do we get a copy of the picture ? may be from th ewebmaster ? Please let me know if you are ok with this initiative and wish you all the best and fair winds.

sal – thanks – have suggested to al perhaps a friday with everyone turning up in berri gear?  may be able to get you a signed shirt to raffle? will be a week or so before fenwick can get stocks up.

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