FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

McQ:... and the motley crew!!

We made it off the dock, with minimum fuss as planned. Headed up the harbour wnd out through the Heads, where we had Hilary and Kimbra waving from North Head, SJ at South Head and one or two ribs zooming around- oh and a kayaker, who was going faster than us!!!!
Alex and I drove most of the way out of the harbour, then we handed the helm over to Kevvo. Kevvo is a wonderful gentle soul but unfortunately he hasn’t driven for a few years and was somewhat lacking in concentration in the light winds, though, to be fair he has Lizzie towering over him almost continuously whining at him, so no wonder there is potential for domestics and kevvo to be a bit stubborn!!!
I drove for a bit, and Berri is just a lovely lovely boat to drive, could sit there for hours with the wind on your face barely moving the tiller. Anyway, once the wind died so much that we turned the engine on it was Ray’s turn- Ray is pretty good, probably the best helm we have, he squeaks a bit, but we are learning to ignore him!!!
So we are now bobbing about threading our way through anchoreds ships, engine on, poor fat Berri does not llike wallowing in a big swell and no wind- but we are going in the right direction- for now!!!
A funny thing happened, Alex and I have a long running (since before I left the uk, so no we haven’t fallen out already!) debate about who makes better clothes….Alex’s corner is Gill and mine is Musto. so you can imagine my hilarity when alex went to put his nighty on and it’s Musto!!! I guess you had to be there but it’s kind of funny especially since my mid layer is Gill!!!
Must go for a snooze now as beginning to write utter drivel, and we haven’t even been away from land for 24 hrs yet!!!
lots of love

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