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McQ: Bacon Butties for Breakkie

A beautiful day out here in the Ocean… In fact today would be the perfect day for lying on a beach and getting a sun tan, that is to say there isn’t a zephyr of a breeze… the donk is on, and has been for some time now… every feasible container has been filled with freshly squeezed pacific and I don’t think we are going to go thirsty for the time being!!!

It is a particularly special day today, for various reasons… firstly, we have broken out the first of the saved Guardian Crosswords and New Scientists… secondly, I am going to begin HHGTTG and thirdly today might just be included as a hair management day (so I need to find my hairbrush!!!)

All this we marked with large bacon butties for breakfast.

It doesn’t look as though there is going to be much wind for most of today but I think it seems that it will fill in later, 20-30 knots from behind us… yee ha!!! We seem to be just skirting with the edge of the current too- finally!!!!

Oh and the freckles are beginning to amalgamate…
lots of love

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