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McQ: Contingency dinner tonight…

So we are thrashing about in silly sea- so silly in fact that I felt sick earlier when we came out of Paamiut and were still bashing about into the swell with the engine on!!! (Yes I did have a glass of wine last night but only one, so it was definitely not that) Now wind SE 25 knots… Guess where we are going??? yep- SE of course!! Current against us too. Even better!!! So most of my watch we headed out to sea but our SOG started to go down as we got towards deeper water and the current picked up a bit, I think. So I thought we should give a tack a go. Kimbra came up for her watch and I said I wanted to go for a tack- I didn't think it would be very good, but we should give it a shot and two hours on the new tack and we would need to tack back out again anyway cause of the land… so we tacked, and the course wasn't so bad, through the water, about a 110ish degree tack, better than I had expected, then I looked at the poot and over the ground its fairly rubbish- I've left a slightly miserable looking K on deck in decreasing vis, who didn't think it was remotely funny when I told her not to worry too much about icebergs cause we are going back the way we've just come and the only one I saw was two hours ago!!!

For dinner tonight we are having the tins I looked out a few days ago for 'contingency dinner' incase the wind and sea had built by the time it was time to cook dinner- fortunately it didn't cause then I'd have to look for a new set of tins to comprise today's contingency dinner and the entire point of a contingency dinner is that it doesn't require much attention and time spent deciding what it should be and where it lives in the first place, whilst thrashing about in a silly sea!!

Lots of love,

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