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Mcq – Day 3

Its the morning of Day 3 now- and I think I too might have to partake in the consulting this evening for Yuri’s night of partying. We have the satphone at the ready and various people to call later- assuming we get the time differences worked out!!

I was going to write last night but just when I was about to (we were iron sail assisted, but quite downwind at the time) the wind veered round a bit so I gybed the main across and then the wind picked up a bit too, desperate to have the sound of the engine off we unfurled the headsail, then, typically the wind changed its mind again and went back to where it started and died. This made me quite grumpy as in the time it would have taken to smoke a cigarette to wait and see whether it settled in from one direction etc it had swung round and up and back and down again… anyway you get my drift!!

Other than that and the general flopping about in no wind in big lumpety swell it was a second spectacular night… It was one of those nights where the sky looks as though someone has silver spray painted it, and we were also surrounded by a sprinkling of phosphorescence, and the odd big swirl of the stuff behind as the rudder churned up the sea… nights like these are amazing and make it all so worthwhile. There were shooting stars all over the place as well- Alex thinks that we go through some sort of dust field (him, berri and I? Australia? The World? The Galaxy?) once a year and it might be now, but maybe someone intelligent who knows c ould explain!! The moon set early and I remember noticing how bright Orion was. I also noted that he looked less warrior, with belt and sword and more splayed on his back as if someone had stabbed him!!! Maybe its just the way he is in the Southern Hemisphere at that time of night (or maybe there was too much meths in my coffee!!!)

Anyway, should prob go on deck and make sure Kevvo, whom I am coming to like very much, is happy and need to work on my tan too- It’s all really very chilled and content in our little home with all our friends and I hope Alex is too.

Oh, and is day 3 too early for a change of clothes????

Lots of love to all

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