FROM 2-8. Baffin Bay-Nuuk (Greenland)

McQ: Goldilocks (thats me!!! ha!!) and the three (Polar) bears

I was on watch earlier today, standing in the cockpit of Wee Berri, scanning the horizon for bergs ahead of us, Kevvo driving, storming along at about 8 (ok, maybe 7) knots, poled out, 20 knots wind, full main and big headsail, flattish sea, no ice but then we did a wee roll across a wave and the bit of sea under the pole came into view on the starboard side and there, probably about 7 or 8 metres from where I was standing were three bears swimming along to our right- amazing!! they would swim a bit and then stop, tread water and look at me inquisitively, as if to say, ‘what on earth are you, bonkers shaped thing zooming across my ocean??’ the mummy bear would check on her two baby bears and then they would continue… I was a bit transfixed and glued to the spot, told Big A and K down below and then sort of went, ‘camera!!’ to myself- by the time I’d got that organised they were a bit away on our starboard quarter, but I got a photo that if you zoom right in you can tell they are bears- just!!!
It would have been just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears if I hadn’t replaced the Hair Management Programme with a hat last week and if K had given me porridge not pocket warmers for breakfast!!!And of course the bears would have had to have come on board and eaten the porridge, actually, I think it was the other way round??? Did I eat their porridge?? Or was there a wolf that ate the porridge? or was that a different story altogether???

Lots of love
Goldi-matted-messy-locks McQueen
NB: I haven’t been driving in squiggly lines on watch towards bergs in order to try and lower the water temp- honest!!
ps: these three bears looked pretty strong and healthy and quite content in the ocean swell, so am now fully convinced at their resilience in the water and that they will navigate their way safely to the coast- and, hopefully, some lunch.

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