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McQ: Hair Management

I can’t believe today is today, in fact I have spent a lot of time recently in utter disbelief. We really are going now- the hair management programme has started: yesterday Hilary cut my hair, so at the very least I can begin with neat bunches and move into plaits as it gets longer!! Alex watched and learned as he will have to take over the role of hairdresser as it gets long and clumpy!!!
I have just filled in my customs form to leave the country… it isn’t really geared for sailing out of here- for example, it asks for flight no. or name of ship (fine, filled in SV Berri) but then the next question is country where you will get off this flight. I guess the answer to ought to be ‘depends when the hardcore prescriptions run out!!!’ but I put ‘USA’ instead, thinking that this would be a more sensible response for the serious customs men. This, in itself is pretty trepidating…
The sun is shining at the moment, yay!!! Fingers crossed it will hold out till this afternoon. There are one or two cigarettes to finish off in between, then, all being well with customs, off to Coffs we go!!!

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